Day 171 to 174 Penang

After Langkawi it was back to Penang to pick up our Thai Visas and spend the weekend on the CS invasion that was taking place. We had a great weekend touring around the Island looking at beautiful scenery, bathing in waterfalls, eating good food and going out to clubs!

From the Dragon Show the last night:

In the car of our host the first night… we managed to squeeze in 7 people in it… was just a TAD full 🙂


Victor in da club… (yea… the sun was very strong that night 😉


Josh partying loose!


Playing with dragon costumes!




Victor doing a cool pose!


Josh on his pink scooter.


The view from the place we had lunch the first day of the CS invasion… really nice!


Michel, one of the organizers at the lunch place


Cool girls…


Me chilling… oh, and the small scrub wounds on the knee is from falling with the scooter in Langkawi.


CS:ers at the invasion.


Group-picture of all of us!


The girls riding a horse… Josh and Victor where more fascinated with the equipment of the horse though…


Don’t they look cute… on the love bench…eh?


Hmm… something tells me I don’t want this one to bite me…


CS:ers at dinner during the invasion.


Victor goes with a mask in the night!


Many of the CS:ers as the waterfall on Sunday


We went up another mountain…Michel is pointing out something.


Dragon show at night… this pole was actually really heavy!


People queuing for free food… wait… did I say free food… eh… forget the part about queuing…. people RAN over!


You can never get enough hugs!


Don’t you like my gloria? Yea… soon new hair color 😀


Ula looks kind of happy!


Day 167 to 171 Penang & Langkawi

Langkawi turned out to be a bit of a paradise on earth after having been in big cities for a long while. Fantastic beaches, parties by bonfires on deserted beaches and loads of clubs without dress-code (where you can enter in shorts!)

The first thing that happened when we arrived at the Island was that we met two German girls who took us with them to a party on a deserted Island called the Monkey Island. When we came to the boat we quickly realized that Me, Josh and Victor where the only non-native guys there though… oh and about 40 blond European girls… well… quite easy to guess we had a really fun party night!

We also rented some scooters and drove around the Island… I had a bit of an accident (going very slowly luckily) and dislocated my shoulder quite bad… two weeks later it still is sore… but is getting better for every day 😀

Partying on Langkawi the first night:

Scootering around on the Island:

With Lukas on Penang (this was actually one day before Langkawi)… they guys had some fun on my hand-gestures on my different profile pictures on facebook so we did a parody on them 🙂


On the bus ride to Langkawi… Victor and Josh resting a bit.


A sign when we came to Langkawi…. such a true sign 🙂


Cat, one of the German girls we met up with the first night that took us to Monkey Island.


  Victor feeling the Love!


Loads of blond girls as i said…


The first night we got a room with only two single beds… Josh kind of occupied a bit more than the whole first one… so me and Victor where cramped up on the second 🙂


Me on a scooter with a golden helmet 🙂


Scenery on Langkawi… was really a beautiful place!


Victor ready to race!


Flying on the beach!

Lankavi Jump!

Josh looking quite happy…. with a Lady boy in the background… (he claims he didn’t know this of course 😉


Tourist place? Naaaah…. not at all 😉


Us with the two cat girls..


Day 166 back in Kuala Lumpur again

Ok,this is probably the last Kuala Lumpur post that I do in a while… going of to some more beach-like places soon 🙂 This is mainly to talk about a nice barbeque that we had up on a mountain watching what we hoped would be a meteor shower (but it was cloudy so we didn’t see much) was a very nice time anyway though 😀


City view from the mountain


Two CS:ers up on the mountain


Milda, ehm, I mean… someone… preparing some weed to be smoked. (Yea… they kind of have a death penalty on possession of drugs in Malaysia…)


Magnus the wizard… (no I still don’t do drugs!) IMG_1881

Josh slipped on the way down and hurt his leg.. (yea… we also didn’t understand why he needed to take of his t-shirt because of that 😉


Day 155 to 164 Kuala Lumpur

Once back in Kuala Lumpur I visited the city a bit more… such as Chinatown and Little India. (Oh, and I got my Indian Visa… can now go to India with multiple entries whenever I want for the next 6 monhs… yeeeha!

Was also going to a place called Batu Caves where they have a pretty cool Chinese temple.


The KL tower… quite impressive and beautiful


Look up… naaah… i am not falling or it 😀


Ehm… is this a copy of Starbucks or are referring to something completely different (it was a cafe… and the guests seemed quite normal actually :-P)


Me with two CS-gils at a gathering


Arriving at the “Monkey house”, a place where I stayed for quite a few nights in KL… for some reason all guests there had their laptops with them… and yepp… all of them where long-term travelers, gave me quite some inspiration!


A Chinese CS-girl took us to a temple and showed us how the ceremony is when you burn incessant.


Some of them where thin and some of them where thick.


Walking around in Chinatown… you can find lots of expensive “brands” here fro all over the world… to very… ehm… attractive prices 😉 (everything fake of course!)


Four CS:ers and their cameras 😀


This house was apparently a facade they had left after WWII.


Monkey house the day after a party… but we managed to clean up quite quickly 😀


Batu Caves… the first step was to get up all these stars… phew!


Once you are up the view is pretty nice though!


I think the opening looks a bit like  a heart… or perhaps as from within a smiling mouth 😀


Inside the caves… they where huge!


A monkey that found a coconut… lucky day!


Mo, Moritz and the CS-girl who brought us to the caves.


Moritz next to the fire!


A sermon over a relic in the temple, they washed the thing in honey, and oil and milk…over and over again!


A Cs-girl (Ula) sleeping in the Monkey house… I just liked her style 😀


Look a monkey… THAT is why we call the house the monkey house 😀 (The girl to the right, Milda was my host in the house and the guy to the left, Josh was the guy who told me about its existence)


A normal shopping mall… ehm, with a rollercoster inside.


I wonder what discrimination on race, age and gender would say about a job-add like this in Sweden 😀


A CS-group that wanted to go Salsa-dancing… unfortunately they didn’t let us in since we where wearing shorts…


Another CS-party… started out as a pool-party but ended up indoors in the end.


Cool dudes… (we where watching a 3D movie… that’s why the “cool” glasses,… and our gangster looks!)


A view from the Petronas towers… the building in front is tiiiny in comparison 😀


The park outside Petronas tower… more of that in the next post which is about a Pillow Fight I made there 😀


Day 163 Pillow Fight outside PETRONAS Towers in Kuala Lumpur

This event started quite promising… I had 850 people signed up on facebook that they would or might attend… when I did the same in Turkey about 75% of the Facebook people turned up so I thought it would be a HUGE event!

Well, it seems Malaysians are not quite as good at doing what they say they will… in the end about 100 people showed up… and only about 40 of them brought pillows…we had a great fight still though and loads of laughter and fun!

Oh, and all the pictures in this section are borrowed from other people posting on Facebook… my camera didn’t take any pics from this event.


And a few pics 🙂


And in a restaurant with some CS:ers after the event.


Day 153 to 154 Melaka

Our excursion to Melaka contained everything from seeing the “Full Moon” vampire movie for a second time to experiencing a real Chinese tea-house… and Melakan Satay.


One more of those KL pictures… but this time in daylight…


Who ever thought that cassette recorders died in the early 90’s have not been to Malaysia… these are all new productions 😀


My host’s place in Melaka… and yes… this is a STUDENT dormitory!!! Why the heck did I study in Sweden!!! 😀


Is it raining or not? Well, the girl to the left is actually from the UK… one would have thought she would have been used to it 😀 To the right is my host (who is from Indonesia)


In an old fort on a hill… loads of tomb-stones of Dutch merchantmen are found here…


Craaaazy pic 😀


The veiw from the fort… is it actually sea there in the background.


Posing by the water! Really beautiful scenery!


Going for the Satay


You dipped the sticks in the pot in the middle… which also cooked them.


All the raw food in the background… you just take what you want and pay for the sticks afterwards.


Tea-sermony he traditional Chinese way.


The group (mainly CS.ers) who attended the sermony 😀


Outside the tea-place… was a really nice atmosphere in the whole place! (Not sure what was in that tea though 😉


Riding the lion!


Day 149 to 152 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Another country… had a pretty long flight (about 16 hours) since we had an engine problem… but in the end it all worked out fine and we arrived in KL (Kuala Lumpur).

I had a lot of fun in KL, going to CS-meetings, staying at different hosts and making an excursion to an amusement park called Genting Highlands.

Arriving in KL and meeting my first CS:ers there.


Don’t we look happy 😀


The Petronas towers… really HUGE buildings that define the KL skyline!


With two CS:ers at the second meeting I went to during the first night… I can tell you it was warm to lug around that 27 kg backpack in 30 degrees heat… especially the first night when I was not used to it…


Second day… found a nice lake-area in the middle of KL.


big CS gathering… the KL group was really active so easy to get to know many people 😀


Me and two CS-girls… they ended up staying at the same host as me for a couple of days…


At a Salsa-club… ehm… yea… I got a bit sweaty!


On our way to Genting Highlands with the CS-girls and our two hosts (left and right of them)  IMG_1647

A chinese temple in the middle of the amusement park…


There where lots of statues like this in the temple… guess you don’t want to go to hell if you are chinese… IMG_1665

A VERY big Buddha!IMG_1667  

Wheee … we are going on the superman…a rollercoster in which you lie down!


Two surfers sound asleep in the middle of the day… that is what happens when you stay up late 🙂


Barbeque by the pool… nice!


On our way up to the Genting park (these pics are a bit mixed in order :-D)


More of the Buddha statue… now with us in the front.


We where poosing with a group of chineese girls… they wanted us to do the V sign with our hands 😀


Jumping back in time to the first night I met the CS girls again (this is what happens when you take pics from the cameras :-P)


Yeay… a drink at the salsa-club (eh… for you that wonder… it is actually non-alcoholic 😉


The CS-crew that went to the salsa-club



Some dancing!IMG_3741

Two at one time! And yea… it WAS warm in there!


More barbecue pics IMG_3805

If there is a pool-party you need to jump into the pool right?


More pool pics! Observe my feat… all that time walking in nice boots gave my feat a bit of a shock when I started wearing flip-flops again… took almost two weeks to get my feet used to them again 😀