Day 166 back in Kuala Lumpur again

Ok,this is probably the last Kuala Lumpur post that I do in a while… going of to some more beach-like places soon 🙂 This is mainly to talk about a nice barbeque that we had up on a mountain watching what we hoped would be a meteor shower (but it was cloudy so we didn’t see much) was a very nice time anyway though 😀


City view from the mountain


Two CS:ers up on the mountain


Milda, ehm, I mean… someone… preparing some weed to be smoked. (Yea… they kind of have a death penalty on possession of drugs in Malaysia…)


Magnus the wizard… (no I still don’t do drugs!) IMG_1881

Josh slipped on the way down and hurt his leg.. (yea… we also didn’t understand why he needed to take of his t-shirt because of that 😉


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