Day 174 to 176 Phuket

These days where quite fun… I got to meet up with my parents again and revisit Phuket. I was there once before in 2005 but must admit a few things have changed… they don’t try to commercialize the Tsunami as much any more for one thing…

I also had the realization that my travels have changed the way I see and react to things in many ways. During the days I spent with my parents I did see them in a new light. Things that just a few months ago would have made feel angry or hurt or upset just flew right through me this time. I also realized that I cannot take responsibility for how anyone else feels, it is totally up to each person how they react to information. To be able to do this requires that you are fully conscious of your emotions and thoughts. And realize that what you feel or think is not who you are.

Once you have stopped identifying YOU with your emotions and thoughts you get a choice. Because once you observe your emotions from a “third person” perspective you realize that you are creating pain for yourself by staying in this mindset. There is no sane person who would ever create pain for themselves and when you then have the choice to react or not to circumstances around you it becomes clear that there is only one sane way forward.

Well, to be aware of this requires that you stay present, that you don’t identify with roles, and that you are very careful with how you react on things that SEEM to be positive things. (Such as if you build your happiness from when someone tells you that you do something well, or that you are beautiful or any other happiness built from external factors. The danger of this is that the happiness you feel from this is just the other side of the coin that brings misery or pain to you, such as when someone tells you that you do something bad, that you are ugly or other things that hurt you.) True happiness radiates from within… and is in all of us!

Well…. that was a few thoughts I had right now, here comes some pictures from Phuket 🙂

Mom and dad on a shopping street.


All three of us


A guy that was connecting a new while to the electric net… not quite the Swedish standard 😉


On a restaurant, I love those happy smiles 🙂


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