180 to 191 Koh Phangan part 2

This is to give a small update on some more parties we had on Koh Phangan, the New Year’s full moon party (which was kind of big) and my first attempts to learn how to use POI’s 🙂

Fireworks and Full moon party at New Year


Kao doing a fire show. (This thing is called a POI… I have started to learn it… but without fire :-D)

Another view from our Bungalow… the sunsets where sometimes quite extraordinary 🙂


What can you say… couchsurfers… they kind of have their laptops with them 🙂


We had breakfast almost every day at this place… great food and friendly personal. (The woman to the right was the one serving us most of the time :-D)


Paaaarty time! (This time it is the Shiva Moon party)


My camera doesn’t really do the UV color justice… but it looked pretty cool there 🙂


With flash 🙂



What is a beach party without some fire shows 🙂


Annika Practicing with POI’s.


Sushi dinner 🙂


Birthday cake for Annika…


Playing pool… eeh… was that not what you are supposed to do with the blue thingy?


Yeay…. waterfall!


A very nice view from a Chinese temple


Kao taking a rest 🙂


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