Day 207 to 229 Bangkok

Unfortunately I have almost no photos from the time I spent in Bangkok. Mainly because I was wearing a par of pants that didn’t really have space for my camera most of the time… well, there are a few pictures from the first few days though 🙂 After that I did a lot of massage courses. I am now licensed in Thai Massage (90 minute program) Thai Oil massage (2 hour program) and Thai Medical massage (I have been taught acupressure points to cure 51 different ailments). In total I spend 20 days in school (6 hours a day) while in Bangkok doing massage… a quite hectic period since we where out partying almost every night! 😀


First day in Bangkok. I met the girl to the left on the bus from Koh Tao and we ended up sharing hotel room for the first couple of days to lower the cost (after that I started couchsurfing).


Going to Wat Po for some sightseeing


They have LOTS of Buddha statues like this there… like several hundred.


A huge Buddha lying down. He is more than 30 meters long!


Going to the cinema to see Avatar in 3D… cool movie!


Not the best of pictures… but one of the few I had from Bangkok with CS:ers… well… you can look at my facebook to see some more pics that other people have taken of me 🙂


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