Day 249 to 251 Bangkok (again)

After Kolkata I decided I needed the peace and quite of Thailand again so I took a flight back to Bangkok. Here I did a health checkup which was an experience in itself with a super-modern hospital and quite modest fees… If I am getting sick sometime in the future I hope I am in Bangkok… really excellent health-care!


This is not from a 5 star hotel but actually from inside the hospital I went to…


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2 Responses to “Day 249 to 251 Bangkok (again)”
  1. Jenny says:

    Hej Magnus,

    Sjukhus i BKK kan jag rekommendera, bodde en m[nad p[ BKK nursing home n’r jag fick dengue-feber for manga ar sedan, det sag ut ungef’r som h’r. Innan dess l[g jag p[ lokalt sjukhus i Nakhon Phanom, det ‘r jag d’remot mer tveksam till att rekommendera… Verkar som du slutat blogga? Om dina resor tar dig till Tokyo h;r av dig!



  2. Koji says:

    December 28, 2012, You say at the top of this page that Videos can be categorized and dipsalyed according to their categories aswell. I’ve assigned categories to each video, but I don’t find an option to display them by category; the new videos I add always go to the last page. What am I missing?Also, please answer the many questions above about sorting the videos with the newest first, or manual sorting. Either of those options would be great, but I really want to sort them by category if I can. Please help!Thanks!

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