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This blog will be about the adventures I have while traveling around the globe. My plan is to go hitch-hiking round the world travelling eastwards. I am not quite sure how long I will continue, guess it depends on how fun I have and how long my money lasts…

The background is that I have been studing my whole life until I started working as an investment banker… quite soon realized that I didn’t quite fancy the luxurious life these guys have (five-star hotels, business class flights, super expensive lunches etc.) To me all those things felt like a total waste, I could have done something so much more fun for that money!

Well, then I started working at Procter & Gamble, which had the great benefit of me being able to plan my time a bit more, I still worked 60-80 hours a week but could at least decide myself WHEN I was working (most of the time). I have had a great time at P&G, it is a company where you really learn a lot, but after three years in a cubicle I do feel that it is time to try something new…

What I have been lacking is that most of the people I have met during the last 10 years have been highly educated people with lots of money and a very high-flying lifestyle… there are gems out there also in this world but I do feel that I would like to experience a bit more of how it is “on the other side”. One of my ambitions during this trip is for example to become friends with at least a few homeless people. Try how it is to sleep outdoors as a beggar, understand their hardships, their advantages etc. See a different side of life basically.

I also want to meet people from different cultures, try to experience many people, adventures and lifestyles… I am not so much looking to tick of the “100-museums-you-should-see” box, but rather “this-is-how-a-we-socialize-and-spend-our-time-in-MY-culture” box for as many different life-styles as possible.

Somewhere in the back of my head I am also looking to find new things that I would like to try out, perhaps launching a new product back in Sweden when I get back, or connect some good ideas from different parts of the globe… well, that is something for later… first I am just going to experience the world and culture and later on… well who knows 😀

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